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Our decentralization focus is broad and covers politics, economics, art, technology, business, culture, and everything in between. We are interested in disseminating solution-oriented stories that engage seriously with the possibility of using decentralization in a useful and thoughtful manner.

A non-exhaustive list of topics that interest us (in no particular order): UBI, blockchain, platform cooperatives, p2p networks, whisper lists, activist Google Docs, mesh networks, community-owned infrastructure, fandoms, trolls, telehealth initiatives, encryption and security, social networks, gossip, immersive media, systems thinking, protocol, the noosphere, the biosphere, space exploration, AI, direct action, wildcat strikes, grassroots campaigns, memes, hardware hacking, DIY & maker culture, the right to repair…

We publish mainly written pieces — news articles, op-eds, interviews, how-to’s, features — but we are also interested in other types of media — infographics, videos, illustrations, photoessays. We do not publish creative writing at this time; please do not send us pitches for fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction (unless it is exceptionally good).